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15th October 2018

PPG Survey

Key findings:

  • 109 responses but findings are for 100 as this is the maximum for the Survey Monkey package I have.
  • 64 respondents were female and 36 male.
  • 4 were under 26 years & 11 over 70.
  • 89 had not heard of the PPG.
  • 37 were interested in finding out more & 27 unsure. Of these 50 provided contact details.
  • 24 didn't know that GP appointments are for ten minutes.
  • 47 didn't know that you can book a double appointment.
  • 42 didn't know that you can order prescriptions and make appointments online.
  • 11 respondents said they brought buggies to the centre of which 3 didn't know they must be parked in the garden.
  • You can view the survey responses here

45 made a comment of which:
10 said they were happy with the service provided:

  • I think this medical centre is amazing.
  • Good reception.
  • Very impressed with practice from reception to doctors.
  • Service/staff very helpful.
  • Good surgery.

Suggestioins made:


  • A mobile app for bookings/prescriptions/general info + knowledge.
  • Easier online registering just using NH number.

Test results:

  • Easier feedback & results from blood tests
  • Sooner blood test slots
  • Blood-test after-care


  • Doctors being more polite and interested in resolving health problems.
  • Consistency among consultants - I know this is not possible. This is a very good practice.
  • More doctors.


  • Easy appointments
  • Drop-in appointment system even if long wait to see the doctor on the day
  • Longer hours (2)
  • Obtaining an appointment quickly
  • Reduce waiting time.
  • Information on appointment time e.g. being 10 minutes
  • Longer appointments / seeing the same doctor as regularly as possible


  • Music too loud
  • Temperature
  • Modernisation of facilities
  • Somewhere more comfortable to sit upstairs
  • More space (3)
  • Better reception desk: remove the old-fashioned window! It puts a barrier between patients & reception
  • Another toilet
  • When going to the garden, it is very dirty. The pigeons are shitting directly on the little gangway.
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