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Named GP

We have allocated a Named Accountable GP for all of our registered patients including children. If you do not know who your named GP is, please ask the Reception staff or your doctor for the name of your accountable GP.

The named accountable GP does not necessary equate to the doctor you usually see. This does not affect the care you receive or relationship with your usual doctor. This does prevent you seeing any doctor in the practice.

Unfortunately, we are unable to notify patients in writing of any change of GP due to the costs involved.

All new patients registering at the practice will be informed about their named GP at registration.

Frequently asked Questions:

1.   I have never seen my named GP before; does this mean I have to see them from now on?

No, you can continue to see the doctor you prefer to see in the practice.

2.  I want to swap my named GP, can I do this?

There is no need to change your named GP; it will not affect which doctor directly cares for your health.